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Looking aftere your hair especially here in the tropics is an important part of maintaining moisture ,there are many oils treatments and conditioners that we at Anagen Hair can reccomenend ..Choosing the right product according to hair diameter 'porosity and general condition are all part of selecting the right product for your hair type!!On finer hair for instance a heavy treatment will weigh those fine strnds down making adding volume almost impossible, So a lightweight mist conditioner is recommended ...

Caring for your colour starts from the moment you leave the salon...Colour molecules are still expanding so shampooing is not reccomended until 48 hours after your salon visit..After this period a gentle colour compatible shampoo should be used with cooler water so as not to open the hairs outer layer ,washing away your new colour!! Other factors of colour fade include sun ,sea and swimming pools !

Try moisturising the hair before a swim with Shwarzkopf miracle oil to create a barrier ...Ask Anagen Hair for more tips on looking after your colour!!

Always be gentle preparing your hair for blowdrying or straightening..Use a wide tooth comb or paddlebrush.. Starting from the ends use a gentle combing motion.If your hair needs hydration try using a leave in mask  making it easier to smooth out those tangles ..

 Always remember to use a heat resistant product to ensure your hairs moisture stays locked in!

 Use professional sectioning clips to make blowdrying or straightening a breeze...

 Once you are happy with your style use a light anti humidity spray to lock in your look!!


Schwarzkopf The Professionals Choice!!

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